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 Best Vacuum Cleaner 2013


Best Vacuum Cleaner 2014-2015


The best vacuum cleaner for the money in 2014-2015 is a hard choice. There are so many vacuums at so many different price points, finding the best for the money would have to be broken into three categories, those that are high priced, those that are medium priced and those that are very economically priced. 




Breaking vacuum cleaners into three groups by price is the only way to actually find the best vacuum cleaner for the money. 


As a consumer you want to be able to find the best vacuum cleaner for the money because it is simply a smarter way to shop. 


Best Canister Vacuum for the Money in 2014-2015


Canister vacuums are still pretty popular because you will get more suction power with a canister vacuum then you will with an upright. These vacuums also offer you a greater reach, so a lot of people prefer them to other types of vacuums. 



For the money the best canister vacuum is the Kenmore Progressive. The cost is right around three hundred dollars, which no doubt in these economic times is a pretty substantial investment but for the money it is a great investment. 


What makes it best? This model according to Consumer Reports it was tested on both carpets and hard surfaces and aced both! 




 Best Inexpensive Vacuum in 2014-2015


Maybe you are not prepared financially to make a huge investment in a vacuum. The best vacuum for the money when you do not have a lot of money to invest is the Dirt Devil Feather Lite Bagless is right around fifty bucks! 


This model was voted best by Consumer Reports because it is lightweight easy to move around (especially if you have stairs) and worked great. The only drawback is the noise level. 





Best Bagless Vacuum For the Money 2014-2015


The Hoover Rewind is a bagless model that earns best in class for providing consumers with excellent performance. The bagless model has an easy to use cup that earned it some points among consumers because many of the bagless models are a bit messy when it comes time to dump the dirt catch. 


Best of the Expensive Models 2014-2015



The Dyson Animal overwhelmingly takes the cake in the high end category. If you have the extra six hundred bucks to invest than this is the model you should go with .  The Dyson Animal is a canister vacuum and although it is not in the best canister vacuum for the money category because it is just too expensive overall this is the best vacuum cleaner for the money if you have that kind of money than it is the best overall pick! 



Finding the Best vacuum cleaner for 2014-2015 doesn't have to be hard. You just have to do a little research and decide what your needs are.